Big Fun at Jury Duty

The dreaded "white paper" invitation to jury duty arrived in the mail a couple months ago. It only meant that I COULD be called to serve, not that I WOULD be called. But I knew they'd call me this time. I just knew it somehow. The more dreaded "yellow paper" invitation arrived later, saying that … Continue reading Big Fun at Jury Duty


Pentecostal Power Revisited

As I am reading about and reflecting on the events on Azuza street, over 110 years ago, I'm struck by how disappointed and disillusioned W.J. Seymour became in the new Pentecostal Movement. At it's very start, it broke down barriers of race and class and language, as the experiences of miraculous Holy Ghost manifestations, especially … Continue reading Pentecostal Power Revisited


Another song blog from “Sleepers.” Sorry that I took a break from these for a few weeks. December is BUSY! This is a song about repentance. The mistake that some in Christian faith traditions make, in my experience, is in thinking that repentance ("changing your mind" is the literal definition of the original Greek term … Continue reading Turn