My Favorite Musician… Ever…

I am going to gush here. I'm sorry. No, I'm not... but... There was a piano in the Hamm home way before there was me, and more importantly, there was always my brother John to play it. A favorite pastime for me is lying on the couch in the living room reading (I was ALWAYS … Continue reading My Favorite Musician… Ever…


Bill Hybels Retires Early

So, one of my biggest heroes in the church world has fallen. Check it out here.   "fallen" should be in quotes, because I'm not certain (how can I be) that the situation has been reported fairly, but other Christian leaders who have earned my trust have stepped up to state that they are very … Continue reading Bill Hybels Retires Early


Another song blog from “Sleepers.” Sorry that I took a break from these for a few weeks. December is BUSY! This is a song about repentance. The mistake that some in Christian faith traditions make, in my experience, is in thinking that repentance ("changing your mind" is the literal definition of the original Greek term … Continue reading Turn

Sweet Air

Another song blog from “Sleepers.” It's a cold winter's day, so... ...imagine it's early springtime and you are enjoying the new change of seasons. You're in a marvelous spot somewhere out in the country. There are no traffic noises or car horns. Just some chatty birds or noisy crickets or the wind rubbing the tree … Continue reading Sweet Air