Discipleship: Nancy Pelosi Style

Now that I have your attention... No, I'm not going to get political... seriously... Today a 77 year old woman in 4 inch heels filibustered for 8 hours. She stood for an entire workday, with no break for the bathroom, or any time to sit down. She prayed the rosary, she read from the Bible, … Continue reading Discipleship: Nancy Pelosi Style



Another song blog from “Sleepers.” Sorry that I took a break from these for a few weeks. December is BUSY! This is a song about repentance. The mistake that some in Christian faith traditions make, in my experience, is in thinking that repentance ("changing your mind" is the literal definition of the original Greek term … Continue reading Turn

Sweet Air

Another song blog from “Sleepers.” It's a cold winter's day, so... ...imagine it's early springtime and you are enjoying the new change of seasons. You're in a marvelous spot somewhere out in the country. There are no traffic noises or car horns. Just some chatty birds or noisy crickets or the wind rubbing the tree … Continue reading Sweet Air

Cruel Earth

Another song blog from "Sleepers." It's too easy to just say "hey pick yourself up" to folks who are really down. It's not that easy, and we've learned so much about the way the mind operates and about how emotions change us and help us and hurt us. I like that in our society, mental … Continue reading Cruel Earth