I stuck in two different CDs today. One, by an artist whose name I will not mention… It was… just let’s say it was not good. Then I got out my trusty iPod (the real cool one with U2’s signatures on the back… Aren’t I just the consumer…) and pulled up Beethoven’s 6th. It made up for everything.

Trouble is, when I find myself listening to great music, then I find myself listening to something that is… not great, let’s say… I find my tolerance for the “not so great” goes lower and lower, to the point where I feel like I’m becoming a snob and not a regular person.

Another example. I was sorting through some new worship music that came across my desk (since I’m a “Worship Arts Pastor” I have to sort through this stuff) and trying desperately to find new music we could use here at the church ( and getting nowhere, so I pulled out a CD that I knew had great music on it to listen just to inspire me a little… Crowder’s “A Collision” (Check it here). Then I feel like I could never write a song as good as “Wholly Yours”.

Same thing with art and photography… Okay, just photography. I can take a picture, but I can’t draw a straight line. But I see something really beautiful, and it makes me feel like I could never take a picture like that.

How about you? Does great art inspire you? Or just frustrate you? Or maybe both at the same time?