EAT this book

I’m having a GREAT time with a book I just picked up by Eugene Peterson, called “Eat This Book”. You can check it out here.

But in just the first few chapters, I got some GREAT insight that I wanted to pass along. Nothing I didn’t know before, but Peterson puts it better than anyone I’ve encountered.

I don’t know that it’s really so wrong to read the Bible for instruction or illumination or guidance or inspiration or even comfort, but I don’t think that’s how God wants us to approach it. Instead, I think he wants us to look at every single page as the way God communicates about himself, his work in the world, and his plan for mankind. Not just for me, but for everyone. Hopefully, that’s instructive or illuminating or guiding or inspiring, but our purpose should always be seeking God, not answers. And the answers are, I’m finding, more uncomfortable as I get older in the faith. (That’s good, by the way…)

In other words, God isn’t looking to inform us, but to form us. Not just telling us things, but revealing himself. It sounds basic, but how often do we look to the text for answers about life, rather than the direct revelation of God to all of us.

Today is my day off. I’m going to work really hard to do that with my Bible today.

Go be formed… not informed…


6 thoughts on “EAT this book

  1. Andrew Hamm says:

    I find that every time I go to the Bible looking for answers, I end up coming away with more questions. The Word of God doesn’t translate well into self-help format…

    The thought “God isn’t looking to inform us, but to form us” is really great.

  2. pietrosquared says:

    Yes, that idea was great. The whole book is filled with ’em, so I can’t recommend it enough. Read it in just a few sittings. I’m actually not the biggest fan of Peterson’s “The Message” as a regular Bible (He himself actually doesn’t recommend it as a regular Bible either) but his discussion near the end of the book of the circumstances surrounding the “translating” of it were very informative.

  3. Bratley says:

    I’m always looking for different books to read that challenge my thinking and change it towards what God want’t us to think. Velvet Elvis did that for me as well. I’ll have to get one of those.

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