Six years ago today

Wow. Six years since the towers fell. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

I hope we’ll all take a moment to remember that terrible event and pray for the families who still, I’m sure, grieve over the loss of loved ones in such a sudden and horrible manner. It’s still eerie to see a photo of the New York City skyline without those awesome buildings. And I still remember the feelings and the moments that day as if it were yesterday. Never forget how fragile and beautiful life is, and what a wonderful gift of God it is.

And while we’re at it, let’s think about the places in this world where people are losing loved ones in even greater numbers to sickness, disease, poverty, and war. We can’t prevent a lot of that tragedy, but there are some things we can do. So today I’m going to push my own and my wife’s pet charities.

Add your voice to the ONE campaign. It’s free and quick. Just go here.

If you’re able, support some of the initiatives of Heifer International here.

Of course, I always recommend sponsoring a child through either World Vision or Compassion.

And for those of us who are moved by the plight of the very poor HIV-AIDS children around the world, especially in Africa, I recommend Keep a Child Alive.

And last but not least, if you see a firefighter or policeman today, thank them for what they do!


2 thoughts on “Six years ago today

  1. Julie says:

    One thing that always bothers me about 9/11 rememberances, is that only in Washington does anyone ever remember that the Pentagon was also hit. And that folks died there, and that first responders, both military and civilian, were heroic.

    One of the most insistive things in my mind is the fact that on that plane that hit the Pentagon were some grade school kids on a school trip. I cannot imagine the loss those parents must have felt and still feel.

    I’m in DC (at least sometimes) and I was working across the street from the Capitol that day, so my memories are vivid. And the losses affected people in my local congregation – since we have many military or retired military among us.

    And I agree with your suggestions – especially the adopt a child idea. So much good those modest gifts and modest progams do!

  2. pietrosquared says:

    I used “towers fell” as an image to quickly describe the event. Since I was actually in Washington DC all day on 9/11, I am actually KEENLY aware of the violence done at the Pentagon. (Some day I will tell THAT story…)

    A good friend of mine, who is a photographer, was in a great position to get some photos of the Pentagon RIGHT after the planes hit. He picked up his camera, then something told him that no matter how good the photos were, he shouldn’t take them. As I recall, a little later, he found out that a good friend lost loved ones in the attack. If he had been in possession of some photos of that event, it would have been pretty awkward at best. He says he’s really glad he didn’t photograph anything.

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