For those of you who are outside our little town of Du Bois, PA, we just started a series of sermons called “I am the church” and my wife Kathleen designed this GREAT t-shirt for it. On the front it says “I don’t go to church” and on the back it says “I am the church” with a link to a site to sign up for some great serving opportunities that we have coming up in October.

Here’s the thing the T-shirts are about. We’ll actually be shutting down the church for the weekend of October 20 and 21. Instead of having “services” we will be “serving”. Ain’t it cool! We’re looking forward to it.

Anyway, so yesterday I’m in the grocery store right after church. I was wearing one of these cool shirts while Kathleen and I picked up a few things. I got the most interesting comments. Some people only saw the front of the church and thought, “Why is this guy making such a big deal out of the fact that he doesn’t go to church.” Some folks saw only the back. Some saw both. Some very much disapproved. Some approved. In any case, it was provocative. Which is the point.

Jesus never says to go to church. Jesus never tells us to witness. He tells us to BE the church, that he will build the church using ordinary “living stones” like you and me. He tells us to BE witnesses. And he promises to be with us till the end of the age.

Pretty cool… and pretty provocative…

Find a way to be the church today…