I’ve been reading Luke in my “Life Journal”, and just yesterday read the story in Luke 8 about two interruptions that happen in Jesus’ life at about the same time. (The Life Journal is a GREAT way to read the Bible. You can read more about it here or see Tri County Church’s online version on our web site here. It’s under “Resources”. For those of you who attend TCC with me, if you want one, we’ll get you one!)

So, on to the story.

His normal routine is interrupted when Jairus interrupts his “routine” to tell him that his daughter is sick. I don’t know if Jesus knew Jairus. I think he did, but the Bible gives us no indication, because it doesn’t matter. Jesus would interrupt his day for anyone.

On the way to visit Jairus’ daughter, Jesus is interrupted AGAIN by a woman who touches “the hem of his garment” and is healed. Jesus embraces this interruption fully, too. He stops what he’s doing to address the woman, and as a result, her example of faith becomes a lesson for us throughout the ages in God’s Word.

In the past couple weeks, my workday has been interrupted FAR more than usual. It’s good to be reminded that this is a good thing. I hope I get interrupted again today.

Embrace an interruption in your day today, if it’s just to talk to someone for a while, or to go to lunch with a friend. I think that if you embrace an interruption to maybe be God’s channel for grace, that it’s time well spent.

I gotta go, I’m getting interrupted…