Hebrews tells us to keep meeting together and not be “Lone Ranger” Christ-followers. Actually, I think most of the New Testament does. Actually, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure the whole Bible tells us this.

But recently I’ve interacted with a small handful of individuals who are trying to be Lone Rangers. I’ve exhorted them that this doesn’t work. I know, I tried it for a while years ago.

There’s a few things scary about this kind of Christ-following life. First, you miss out on some essential fellowship (which includes some great food… not an unimportant thing it seems, in light of Scripture). Second, you get “dull” because now iron isn’t sharpening iron. Oh, you can get all your doctrinal and biblical ducks in a row from books and TV and radio preaching perhaps, but your LIFE isn’t being sharpened. Third, okay, this one isn’t so spiritual and maybe it’s even selfish, but it’s just way more fun to do life in community.

Share some time with some people this week… just to do LIFE together… And have some food, too!

And if you could share your stories and insights, that would be great. I have a message that I’m preparing for later this year on community… I’d love to even write it in community!