Leaves and greed…

So I’m using my leaf blower to clear my lawn and driveway of leaves yesterday, and for just a moment, my mind wanders off to all the gear that I could buy to make this job easier, one of those real cool lawn “vacuums” or maybe a big old Tractor with a leave raking attatchment, or a bigger better leaf blower, or… you get the picture.

Fast forward to you or me driving and seeing the brand new Ford Dream-mobile or whatever and thinking how much cooler we would be if we were driving that. Thinking of just trading in the 3-year old car for a new one even before I’m done paying it off, and then I end up being upside-down in a car loan for years and years… Oh well, I guess I’ll wait for the 2009 models…

Fast forward to me in a Christian bookstore thinking how much I really need every one of those Bible reference books to be really smart, or every single book by every author mentioned in the last book I read, or maybe because my Study Bible is the four-year old version, surely if I bought the new improved one… I’d be more knowledgeable, or more holy, or more informed, or {you fill in the blank}…

What is it with me, with you, with us? We always want more. And we get it, and still want more. I think it is so cool to know that someday, when we’re with Jesus forever in Heaven, that we won’t want anything more, not because we are going to have everything, but just because we don’t want anything… There IS a difference.


One thought on “Leaves and greed…

  1. Phil Hamm says:

    I just raked some of my yard last weekend. I’ll be raking it more – a lot more – in the weeks to come. It’s amazing how many leaves can come down from what looks like not very full trees.

    There’s a lot to be said for good ol’ manual labor. Makes you appreciate the job well done.

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