(Some thoughts from a post I responded to at Todd Rhodes’ excellent site, Monday Morning Insight.)

I can’t stand the thought, anymore, of believeing something “easily”… I would rather struggle. I admit to “struggling” with many basic Christian doctrines. I still believe them, but I struggle with them. I admit it.

I struggle with the idea from Scripture that God only gives us what we can handle. I’ve seen people go through what seems like a lot more than they can handle, at least to me, so although I believe what Scripture tells me, I struggle with it. I wrestle with it, like Jacob did with the angel, getting him a new name that reflects that struggle, a name that the entire nation that comes from him bears to this day.

To blindly believe in something, or say that you do merely because you have intellectual assent to it but don’t actually “wrestle” with what it means, is no kind of faith, or at least no kind of biblical faith, at all, imho.

For instance… I struggle with the idea of Hell. I admit it. The thought that a loving God will send people I love to Hell is very hard for me to accept. I believe it, but anyone who says they believe it and it doesn’t “hurt” to, is either lying or heartless. I know all the scriptures and all the reasons, I’ve heard arguments from both sides, and it is more a struggle for me to believe that there is a Hell and reconcile how I live my life in front of people because of that… than to just not believe in a literal Hell at all, which is far easier…

It is harder, a deeper struggle, to believe, really believe, in Jesus, than not to. I wouldn’t have it any other way.