I used to think that New Years’ Resolutions were for suckers. Last December I decided to make one simple resolution, just to test my own resolve. Three words: “No French Fries”. It’s December 12, and I have almost made it! I even had a restaurant bring me a plate full of fries one time by accident and I managed to not eat them! What an amazing tiny little victory!Sometimes I think we want all our progress in life to be huge, when really, small victories are really big victories. In the church, we love to see big dramatic revivals in our houses of worship where tons of people rush weeping to the front of the stage. But I see revival in lives every day in my church. They seem like small revivals to some, but they seem really big to me. People whose lives are revived and transformed by living in community. People who are revived to be more like Christ than they were last year. People who take their own time and money to travel to places like Jamaica and storm-drenched Mississippi and the Dominican Republic to help people build or rebuild their lives, just because Jesus told us to love our neighbor. People who decide to follow Christ for the first time because of what they see in our community.They are small things to some, but they are truly enormous to God, and they should be a big deal to us, too. It is a real Acts 2 “filled with awe” community if we look beneath the surface. Small victories, that add up to big victories… that change the world. I hope you can see these kinds of things in your church the way I see them in mine.And by the way… Yes, on January 1, I am planning on going somewhere and ordering like… four orders of fries.