Too much pain

I’ve been so overcome by all the difficulty in so many lives these days. Loved ones lost to horrible tragedies. Hopes dashed by unforeseen circumstances. Jobs lost. Relationships ended. I have to admit, when pressed, that I do sometimes wonder where God is when people suffer because of things they’ve done, or things others have done… or not done. I understand about free will, but I know that a good father will often stop his young child from doing something in their free will that will hurt them (like walking out into traffic), and I find myself wishing God would do some more of that. So don’t get me wrong, I still believe God at His Word, but I don’t always like the way he chooses to leave things. And then I remember Psalm 88, one of my favorites, because it reminds us that even among God’s people, in God’s word, there is pain, there is lament, and there is even sometimes a momentary feeling of hopelessness. If you know someone who has lost deeply, or is hurting right now, take a moment and read that psalm and pray for them. Or for yourself, if it’s you!


2 thoughts on “Too much pain

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks. I needed the reminder of Psalm 88. Sometimes when I’m not sure what to say, I’ve found the psalms to have said it for me.

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