My problem with Joshua…

I have a great book in my library called “Hard Sayings of the Bible“. It helps me understand some of the things that are “tough” in the Bible, but it is really silent on my biggest “problem” with scripture. The book of Joshua, which I’ve been reading as part of my “Life Journal(For those of you who go to TCC, you can get one at our Resource Center). Here’s the same God in the Bible that loves us enough to send His Son to die for our sins, and he’s instructing the Israelites to go on these wanton killing sprees. I have heard the explanations, but it’s still hard to take. It makes God seem really distant to me. And maybe that’s the point. God is very distant from me. He is holy, and I’m not. He is omniscient, and I’m not. I guess what it means for me is that these stories that make me feel God is so far away balance with the story of Jesus, who isn’t content just to be near us, or even around us, but loves us so much that He wants to be in us. And sometimes, that’s almost more than I can believe, too. But in a good way. I guess what I’m saying is I’d rather have Jesus living inside and through me than answers to the tough questions… Jesus, be in my head and heart today, and let me be some of Your mercy and grace in a fallen and broken world.


One thought on “My problem with Joshua…

  1. Bratley says:

    All of the stories and accounts that I’ve read nothing makes me more secure than seeing God at work when we put our complete trust in him.God loves us so much that he will wipe out 185,000 men in a single night only because the king Trusted God. They were out numbered, surrounded, hungry, They were taunted by a king that had run over evry fortified city in the land. But because This king trusted God. God never left his side. God was never far away. I think the only time God is far away is when we put him there. Here’s the story 2Kings18:9-19:37 ( pay attention to verse 19:25) I love the part about who gave who power.


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