Going Places…

I got a chance to fly a LOT this month… four planes in two days… Yuk. It was really interesting watching all the people hurrying by and wondering where they were all going… Some on vacation, some on business, some for some event either happy or sad. We’re all going some place a lot of the time, and when we arrive we are too often thinking about where we are going to be trying to get to next. I wonder how different it would be if we just took one day and didn’t wear a watch or look at a clock or go anywhere or accomplish anything… I bet the world would keep turning… Seems like God had that idea when he gave us the Sabbath. We SO need to slow down in this world, and we say that, but we keep going at this amazing pace, don’t we…

5 thoughts on “Going Places…

  1. Doug Jones says:

    I think that the word sabbath means cease…

    it is hard to stop. to cease.

    don’t know what selah means… but peppered through the psalms some think it means “interlude” or a musical term for “instrumental passage.” Others think it is a directive term to mean pause.

    whatever it means it’s purpose is for us (the reader) to cease and reflect…

    oh that I would learn to pause, more often… to cease from doing so much in so little space. oh that the church in North America would run a counter cultural movement in being leaders to call our culture to the 4th command and obey God’s law and creation mandate to rest… to be… to stop… to cease.

  2. LeMmon says:

    Hi Peter, I agree with you completely. It has gotten so bad that even when we have “free time” to attempt to relax, contemplate, worship we are still connected electronically to work and the world. I love high tech as much an the next nerd but I truely believe it completely prevents us from total relaxation and the ability to focus on things that are really important. We even try to convince ourselves that being connected helps us in some way. So….this weekend…..no cell phones, laptops or beepers!!! I am just gonna crank up my geetar and praise God….Sat night and half a day on Sunday!!! Wait……you already know that!

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