Pushing through the dirt…

So, I have this work being done at the house. There are piles and piles of dirt in my yard. It looks like a war zone. And then at the top of one of the piles, some Daffodil bulb that has been dug up and transplanted a couple dozen feet away decides, “Hey, I don’t care if I’ve been traumatized, moved, dug up, shaken up, stirred up… I’m STILL going to bloom.” Do you know any people like that? I do.


3 thoughts on “Pushing through the dirt…

  1. Christina says:

    I think the key phrase here is “any people” not “all people” in your statement. And we are making the assumption that all these children were abused, under any analysis, we could never estimate that 100% of these children were abused
    Unfortunately the US has a very disfunctional and inadequate foster care/child welfare system. Every year there are numerous reports in every state about the abuse of children by foster care takers. Children are left with severe trauma from being separated from their parents especially children under 10, where the implications are severe causing behaviour issues and prolonged separation anxiety. Even in the simpliest of examples of an unhealthy parent/child relationship, chidlren who are abuse and understand their abuse, experience this.
    And regardless of whether or not a system is in place to take these children in, the system is severely imperfect. According to the US Administration of Children and Families, in 2006 there were 510,000 children in foster care (as of 9/30/06). Of those over 300,000 of these children entered the system that year alone. Only 51,000 of these children were ever adopted and 129,000 were awaiting placement. And this is only in 2006.
    So are these children, who we are not 100% sure were all abuse, should be in a system that could be more damaging then helpful?

  2. Bratley says:

    I know of a few. I admire them because they are alot stronger in their faith. Even though we may not like it we need to remember that we all get pruned from time to time in order to
    see God for who He is. I know that pruning hurts and is uncomfortable but don’t we see God better? Don’t we understand Jesus better and are comforted knowing that He went through the same things?

    Bratley out

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