Say it with me… unassisted triple play.

Talk about individual achievement. The chances of a second baseman catching the ball, hitting the bag, and tagging the runner, in that order, so that he gets three outs all by himself (it's only happened 14 times in Major League history, fewer times than a pitcher has pitched a perfect game), are so infinitessimal it's … Continue reading Say it with me… unassisted triple play.


Favorite films.

I got "tagged" by Doug to list my ten favorite films. Okay I'll bite! Since he included at least one "trilogy", I will, too. Thanks Doug! I had another post for today, so perhaps today will be my first "two-post" day. 1. Citizen Kane by Orson Welles. Probably the best film ever made. Period. If … Continue reading Favorite films.

Be more quiet now…

Lately I've been privvy to a lot more people arguing and debating (usually just arguing) than normal. Could it be that we don't remember how to be slow to speak and quick to listen? I know I forget that... all the time... Guess I should shut up now...