Words or action?

Here's a thought. What happens if we really embrace a "book of James" style faith... one that goes beyond just doctrine as a measuring stick or list of distinctives and statements... and journeys towards the Word of God dwelling richly within us, so that we might show Christ to the world, and so that the … Continue reading Words or action?


Last post from the Arts Conference

We had a MARVELOUS last day at Willow, hearing a couple of speakers who really inspired us to go out there and create for God. I especially was moved by Francis Chan's talk, which reminded us not to rely on ourselves, but on the Holy Spirit to change lives. Also, this morning I was introduced … Continue reading Last post from the Arts Conference

All split up

We all went our separate ways for our breakouts today at the Arts Conference... And we all learned so much that it is just about making our heads explode! My session on working with a Creative Team was just revolutionary. My other colleagues learned so much about their areas, too. Just wonderful. Learning is what … Continue reading All split up

Brian McLaren

First off, what a great time we're having here at the Arts Conference. Brian McLaren reminded us today how powerful we artists can be in changing the world. We can tell stories that remind people that all those numbers of people starving in places like Africa are not just numbers but are people. It reminded … Continue reading Brian McLaren


So they asked me to be part of a lunch to talk about leadership challenges here at the Arts Conference. It was cool, because I've been to (now) three arts conferences, and this year will be my eighth Leadership Summit (Read about all this stuff at the Willow Creek Association website¬†here.) They bribed me with … Continue reading Lunch!