Famous things…

Goodyear Blimp

So, the Goodyear blimp flew over today. Right over our building. I ran outside and snapped this photo. What’s the deal with the odd way we behave when we something famous, or somebody famous. What is the fascination? Is it because things and people that are bigger than life seem more lasting, more “important”, less fleeting than we are? Is this why Americans buy gossip magazines (and semi-gossip magazines) in the ridiculous numbers we do? There is only ONE who is eternal, though! Hang onto Him today!


One thought on “Famous things…

  1. Phil Hamm says:

    Then when confronted with what you thought was “more important”, it turns out to be quite pedestrian and ordinary. Like seeing the blimp – it’s neat, but just a big baloon. I shared an elevator with Shaquille O’Neil the other day, he was gracious and offered regular small talk just like anybody else.

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