Off to Chicago!

A handful of people from my church will be going out to Chicago for the Willow Creek Arts Conference and boy are we psyched. I just wanted to let you know that this year, I plan to keep a log of some of the take-aways that we experience, as they happen! So, if you’re inclined to check in from time to time, come on back here and see what we are learning and experiencing. This event is always a great time, and a real encouragement for us who use our creative gifts to serve God, and hopefully we can share some of that great stuff with you all. Feel free to be part of the discussion if you want. I’ll be keeping up with all of this as we go!


5 thoughts on “Off to Chicago!

  1. LeMmon says:

    I’m stuck in the back of a Suburban with the luggage….Pastor Dave is driving….Peter is talking and helping command this land yacht…..Kim is helping pass info from the back seat (Kathy and I) to the front seat…..Dave and Peter. We are on the road to Chi town!

  2. Liz says:

    If Dave is driving you should make it to the windy city in record time. Hope you all have a safe and productive trip. Bring me back something. LOL

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