Just happy to be there.

It seems 8 is no longer the Chinese lucky number… It’s Michael’s lucky number. Sure, it’s really cool to see Michael Phelps mother be so proud of her amazing son, the “greatest Olympian ever”. But what I really loved was watching the faces of family who were there to see their kids compete on the world stage, even though they had no hope of winning gold or even a medal. Here’s to the real heroes! The ones who finished the race that they were hopelessly outmatched in, and whose families were just as proud of them as Michael’s mom.


One thought on “Just happy to be there.

  1. Col B Waddell says:

    You mean we sent more than just him? Are the Olympics still on? Swimming is over what else is there? I too get tired of hearing about all the celebrities of sports. Yes they have talent but do they have heart? Did you see the Badmitten tourney? Dude that was cool! what about Equestrian? Just to name a few. I get so fed up with the medal count ( lame) Does it always have to boil down to who’s the best?

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