Excessive Celebration

You get a penalty for it in the NFL, but not in the kingdom of heaven. We had a wonderful celebration tonight. I wrote a new song for it, and I’m hoping that the whole experience was as meaningful to our congregation as it was to me. You see, we shut down church services this weekend and went out in the community and did service projects. It was awesome. we came together, some of us, to celebrate God in our midst for a rare Sunday evening service. Our city needs God’s love, and we are just the people to bring it to them!

As the songs says, “greater things are still to be done here.”


4 thoughts on “Excessive Celebration

  1. Scott P. says:

    Last night was awesome. I keep thinking of something a good friend told me once. As i was telling him a bit of my own testimony i reached a point where i was too overwhelmed by the story myself. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, all i could do is weep. My brother looked at me and said, it’s ok… that’s just the Love of God. I never will forget that. It’s one of those things that you always knew about but just never realized.

    Well last night was full of that for me. From the worship to the testimonies to the message and again to worship. I was just overwhelmed by the Love of God in that place last night. It was truly a glorious celebration of Gods Love unlike I’ve ever experienced before.

    My wife and I didn’t stop talking about it until we fell asleep. We’ve been looking for a place like TCC, hoping that it existed. A place where people are learning to follow Christ by truly acting like Christ. We’re so happy that we found it and we’re looking forward to serving our brothers and sisters at TCC the surrounding community.

    Be blessed!

  2. Linda says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss the service and special music on Sunday evening. It was awe inspiring. I went to WalMart Sunday morning before meeting up with my work group and I told them it is a really unique experience to walk around on a Sunday morning wearing a purple shirt emblazoned with “I don’t go to church . . .”

    The day was great! Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

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