Do something now

I saw a really troubling image today. I can't verify the source, so I won't post it, but here's a description. It is a photo of a number of people praying for our economy, literally putting their hands on the "bull" in New York City. It looked a little like the children of Israel worshipping … Continue reading Do something now


Final REVEAL thoughts

Well, we're back. There is way too much from the second day of REVEAL to share it all. So here are some highlights from the day's really "catalytic" talk from John Ortberg. John is like an everyman's Dallas Willard, and I think he'd love to be called that. Are we creating, in ourselves and in … Continue reading Final REVEAL thoughts


Well, a group of us from Tri-County Church are here in Chicago today (again) for the REVEAL Conference. I'm going to try to keep some of you up-to-date on what's going on here through the day, so stand by for that. It looks like fun. So far, all I've done today is eat WAY too … Continue reading REVEAL