As most who read this page know, I work, for a living, as a Worship Arts Pastor at the coolest church in the whole wide world in Du Bois, PA. Wow, I’m glad I’m doing that now and not 20 years ago. The music that’s out there now is just so over the top great. But three artists in just the past few weeks have released what I think are the greatest albums of their careers, and the greatest, coolest, most useful (if you can call it that) collections of worship songs in a while. So if you’re into worship music, play in church, whatever… check these out.

Chris Tomlin “Hello Love”

Charlie Hall “The Bright Sadness”

Lincoln Brewster “Today is the Day”

Now, for you church musicians out there. Chris’s CD is available from in a package with an extra CD with how-to’s and chord charts and sheet music. Charlie has free chord charts at his site, Lincoln’s album is available in a “vertical music worshiptools” pack from

I can’t say it enough… just buy ’em! What a great time to do what I do!