REVEAL – It’s really simple!

Great talk from Bill Hybels this morning at REVEAL. For those who don’t know, the study identified four basic categories of believers in our churches: Exploring Christ, Growing in Christ, Close to Christ, and Christ-centered.

How do you get from one to the next phase? What are the “catalysts” for spiritual growth and development… Going to great church services, worshipping and hearing great sermons? Listening to Christian music? Listening to Chuck Swindoll on the radio? Nope. It seems (no surprise here, but it’s nice to see it in a study like this one) that the things that move people on are getting grounded in Scripture, getting in community with other believers, and serving, especially serving the poor.

Wow. It’s simple!

1. Read the Bible (I HIGHLY recommend the Life Journal. Check out our church’s Life Journal blog here.

2. Get into a small group. (Explore the Bible with them, too.)

3. Serve. Serve the poor. Give of yourself to those who need it.

Here’s a secret. All of those things are just GOBS of fun! And then when we gather for our worship services, we’re celebrating God’s life in our lives, and our surrender to his plan, and those celebrations, those parties, get even better all the time!


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