Well, we’re back. There is way too much from the second day of REVEAL to share it all. So here are some highlights from the day’s really “catalytic” talk from John Ortberg. John is like an everyman’s Dallas Willard, and I think he’d love to be called that.

Are we creating, in ourselves and in those we lead (for those of us who lead), admirers of Jesus? Or disciples. The word Christian is in the Bible twice. The word “disciple” is there over 250 times. Jesus seems to have interacted with three groups: Strangers, admirers, and followers. Which am I? Which are you? Which do you want to be?

Are the core convictions at the heart of me, the things I demonstrate that I really believe by what I actually do, reflective of my private convictions, what I sincerely think I believe, and my public convictions, the things I tell the world I believe? Many of us are living a lie. We say we believe one thing, but act another way.

No, we won’t be perfect, but we can pursue the kind of faith that fosters integrity in our hearts, and share that with others, and, most importantly, lead others into that kind of place.

The Ortberg talk was just too good. If you ever have the chance to hear this guy speak, do NOT miss it.

Blessings all.