Do something now

I saw a really troubling image today. I can’t verify the source, so I won’t post it, but here’s a description. It is a photo of a number of people praying for our economy, literally putting their hands on the “bull” in New York City. It looked a little like the children of Israel worshipping the golden calf (now all grown up with horns). I know that those people didn’t mean it, and I think it is very important for us to pray for the peace, health, and prosperity of the nation we live in… but I wonder how many of those folks praying for our economy have gone hungry lately, or lost a child to starvation, or a parent to AIDS/HIV. I suspect that they, like me, have a roof over their heads, and even in these uncertain times are getting three meals a day. There are thousands of children who die every single day… and we can do something about it.

Sign the ONE petition.

Sponsor a child (or two) through Compassion or World Vision. (I don’t care which, and guess what… neither do they I bet…)

Or keep a child alive, by paying for anti-retroviral drugs for him or her.

Or buy a cow for a village through Heifer International.

Or do all of the above or ________________(you fill in the blank).

Today… not tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Do something now

  1. Scott Pusey says:

    You are Sooooo right!

    We have a long way to go before we see Great suffering in this country. But most of us act like it’s the end of the world because we can’t afford to buy a candy bar when we go thru the checkout at Wal-Mart.

    It’s sad, but great suffering to many people in the US will start with having to give up cable/satellite TV so they can afford groceries. What’s even sadder is that when faced with this most will probably go without groceries so they can keep there TV channels.

    I think an economic recession/depression would actually be good for most people in this country. It will allow many of us to experience, for the first time, how 80% of the rest of the world lives every day.

    What is the definition of JOY??? Jesus first, Others Second, and Yourself last… J-O-Y.

  2. Julie says:

    One of the songs (secular folk) that is at the top of my iPod has a verse that starts out:

    “Well there’s smoke across the harbor, and there’s factories on the shore
    And the world is ill with greed and will and enterprise and war.”

    I wonder how much we understand that our constant striving to have more is so terribly, terribly, not the message of Jesus?


  3. Jessica says:

    I read your blog with great interest. Our family also sponsors children in Africa. However, I get an added bonus. I also get to be a stay home mom and run my own business within a humanitarian company. I then can use my earnings to give back to my local community.

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