I woke up this morning in a country where the citizens had decided to change the regime in power… totally peacefully. There are no soldiers in the streets of my town, there are no riots, no gangs, nothing of that sort…

47 years and some ago, a man was born in a country where people his “color” couldn’t even vote in some places. Today he is the leader-elect of the most powerful nation in the world. He was elected by the people without regard, it seems, for the color of his skin. Martin Luther King dreamed of a time when a man would be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Yesterday’s election signaled, to me, that perhaps that time is suddenly upon us.

Now, some of you disagree with some or much of Obama’s politics. In all fairness, I also disagree with many of them. But for today, I ask can we put those differences aside, and can we celebrate how far we have come, and pray for wisdom for our president-elect as he begins the very important task of selecting advisors and preparing for his time to lead us?

Feel free to comment, but I’m actually not interested in hosting a political debate (so I’ll remove or edit comments as need be). There are some other great places on the web to do that. Today I just want to celebrate the fact that the United States, as a nation, apparently no longer cares what color your skin is… For that I rejoice!


4 thoughts on “Positive!

  1. Doug Jones says:

    At 11:30 last night as you could hear a pin drop on the Front Yard of Chicago, Grant Park – I felt proud to be associated with this country and am proud that the will of the people has selected Barack Obama.



    In my lifetime I never have seen such a sight for an acceptance speech.

    I thought as I watched, “maybe he can tap the grassroots to bring change – he has clearly inspired hope.”

  2. Julie says:

    It’s huge. This aspect of the election was really incredible for me too. We humans as a people want to be better than the other guy, and one way we’ve done it is racism. This election tells me that we are at least largely coming out of that ;

    I’m also impressed with Obama’s first words after the victory. He really has a chance to heal a divide between us that has resulted in elections swinging our country back from pole to pole. He has a chance to bring a more collaborative approach to Washington. I don’t know if he can do it.

    As far as policies, given the mess we are in, neither candidate would have been able to realize too much. It’s going to be treading water time for a while.


    P.S. Hey! I got into Divinity School today!

  3. Julie says:

    I heard on the radio today that 8% of white voters in exit polls said race was a factor in voting. They voted overwhelmingly for McCain (though some voted for Obama).

    Racism isn’t gone – but I think it is losing it’s power in our society.

  4. Sir Kenton says:

    Chiming in late but now that we ‘ve had a little seperation time from the election euphoria it seems like Obama is making some questionable cabinet choices one in particular… Daschel…not sure if that’s spelled right…Obama is beholdin to him for some past favors and that’s not change that’s traditonal Washington backscratching and looks bad.Also looks like a Clinton white house resurection in large part.I agree,he’s our president and we need to support him but I’m not drinking the Obama Kool-Aid just yet….keepin an eye on the Kool-Aid stand and what’s goin in the drink.

    As far as racism,there was more in this election than you’ll hear about on both sides black and white. And BTW,while there weren’t any riots,soldiers in the streets,etc. pretty much peaceful election as you mentioned St. Peter,there has in fact been some very bad intolerant behavior in the streets by gay supporters ove the CA 8. Check out the Christian woman attacked in SF that was on The O’Rielly Factor last night on Fox.She has a good testimony about a bad situation. Intolereance by those who want to be tolerated for a shameful lifestyle. What’s next….If we want real positive change I say 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the place to start.

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