Feels like heaven

So, yesterday I did something I almost never do, I went to church. I didn’t unlock the building for anybody, help set up anything, play, or even do announcements. My wife and I just showed up for the early Sunday service, and then when it was over we went home. I rarely get a day off… it’s weird… But it felt good to be in a room full of people loving and seeking God and loving each other and loving their neighbors.

Then last night we had our yearly volunteer appreciation dinner, and for our normal “musical” segment of the program, which is usually a silly song that the pastors sing together, we actually had all of us on-stage as a worship band, guitars, bass, drums, singing, the whole schmiel… We led worship for a short worship set and then played a silly parody version of “Put a little Love In Your Heart” that was so much fun.

What was cool was, that song’s new lyrics (written brilliantly by our own Senior Pastor) was about “being the church” and showing God’s love to the world. We were singing it to a room filled with people who are really great at showing God’s love, and the feeling of singing those worship songs with them and singing that appreciation song to them was overwhelming.

It felt like what heaven will be like, the family of God loving on each other.


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