Lessons from a hammer

A friend of mine recently wrote a really cool little post about stacking firewood, and a couple days later, I got a chance to help build my new deck (replacing an old deck we had to tear out). Lessons learned from really good honest hard work. 1. You sleep better when every muscle and bone … Continue reading Lessons from a hammer



So, I'm on my way to work this morning and this whole bunch of ducks is playing around in the water. Not fishing, not doing anything that is "productive"... I'm telling you they were flying back and forth, splashing as big as they could on landing (at each other), and I could swear that I … Continue reading Ducks.


The past two weeks I had some stuff happen that made me really glad I'm where I am. You see, lots of worship leaders in churches would be in trouble if they were off the platform for two weeks. My church encourages it, across the board. (I think I'd be in trouble if I were … Continue reading Equip!