The past two weeks I had some stuff happen that made me really glad I’m where I am. You see, lots of worship leaders in churches would be in trouble if they were off the platform for two weeks. My church encourages it, across the board. (I think I’d be in trouble if I were up there every week in fact…) We totally get the Ephesians 4 exhortation to “equip the saints”. It’s not just in our DNA… it IS our DNA…

So… On Saturday I went to a great conference on worship leading, and some great folks were there to “show how it’s done.” On Saturday night I got into the church just in time to attend the service. I didn’t play, help setup or anything. Our worship team was better than the “pros” who had hosted the conference, in my humble opinion. No paid professionals on the platform.

The week before we had another great worship band play with an all-volunteer (unpaid staff I like to call them) group that was great, too. And… that weekend, we had a guest speaker that was one of our volunteers and he did GREAT (another “non-paid” guy)… AND… we had no staff in our Kids church that day either. In short, every aspect of the service was handled by people who were equipped by paid staff to do it, not paid AS staff to do it… and it went GREAT!

It’s a great time and place to be alive.


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