Okay, I really am (I got you goin’ there, didn’t I), but I’m avoiding the word “Christian” pretty often these days. It’s a GREAT word, but the culture has changed its meaning (not it’s definition) and I need to engage my culture with the presence of God (Christ) in my life.

In Scripture, the word “Christian” (which appears in the original only two times) was originally applied by “non-believers” to the church to indicate (derisively) that we thought we were “little Jesuses” the way we served the poor and loved each other and stuff like that. Now, in many instances, we self-apply the label based on a creed or list of beliefs, and not necessarily also based on our behavior. Creeds and doctrine are vitally important, but they are not the way we show the world that we are followers of Jesus. We show the world that we follow Jesus based on our great love for one another.

I’m thankful to be in a church that is known for our deeds in the community, and people are attracted by that and end up engaging Jesus in all His fullness because of the way we love them!

(This is an edited version of a response I posted on another blog…)