A friend of mine recently wrote a really cool little post about stacking firewood, and a couple days later, I got a chance to help build my new deck (replacing an old deck we had to tear out).

Lessons learned from really good honest hard work.

1. You sleep better when every muscle and bone in your body is worn out.

2. It is best to hammer a nail straight and true, and hit it as hard as you can.

3. It is easier to pray while carrying huge beams of wood around your house than while typing up silly blog posts like this one.

4. The most beautiful piece of wood is not necessarily the straightest or best.

5. The right tool for the job is a blessing, the wrong tool is a curse.

6. Measure twice, cut once. 

7. You might be an expert in something, but not in everything. Listen to the guy who knows what he’s talking about, and do what he suggests.

8. Keep moving. Don’t stop. But don’t rush.

9. Buy some extra wood.

Any other thoughts?