Fascinating stuff! Sorry, this is only semi-edited, but I thought I’d get it out there for you to think about.

Don’t plant churches, plant the kingdom seeds. The church is the by-product. The idea starts with a seed, the word of God. Your sermon isn’t the word, the Word is… and you will never preach a sermon that will change the world. Don’t just “preach”, invest in the lives of others, and then you will finally realize multiplication.

Planting churches that reshuffle Christians is not kingdom growth. And your efforts should be concentrated to make disciples, don’t make new churches.

Interesting that the first words spoken to man “be fruitful…” are similar to the last words Jesus says to his disciples.

This one is huge for those of us who work in churches that focus on outreach to people who are far from God. Only one out of four soils in the parable of the seeds bear fruit. So if 10 people come to Christ and only 2 bear fruit, don’t babysit the 10 inordinately, work with the 2 and they will multiply. “Jesus didn’t give his heart to the multitude.” The few who do bear fuit will grow like crazy and that’s how the kingdom grows…

There’s way more, but that’s a good place to start.