Exponential – Erwin McManus

Erwin talks about the three “spaces” that Paul travels in Acts 17.

The 1st space… this is where we love people who are just like us, like the old synagogues, and our local churches

2nd space… this is where everyone lives and works… unfortunately, in the church we become irrelevant and anemic and incapable of effecting change in the world because we kind of “leave the marketplace”. We should go where people are in a sense, not pull people from there and “ruin them”. People are open to talking about spiritual matters in this place, and are looking for people who have the presence of Jesus in them… that it’s undeniable… If we can’t relate to the real world as pastors and church people, we can’t be the salt and light in the world. Christians often like a watered-down gospel, but the people who don’t believe yet who are out there in the marketplace wants a gospel that makes more sense… the story of heroism not just the “narcissistic” the story of our salvation.

There is a 3rd space where you have to be invited. When we’re invited into others’ space, they might embrace Christ! But those in the first space might reject us. That’s okay. This is the place where we can really make a huge difference and again, we’re only invited here because of our effectiveness in that second space.

More later…


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