Cut off

I will be spending two whole days with no email or internet... Will I survive? Will I return with some kind of a facial "tick"? Will I break down in the middle of the night and drive to some all-night Truckstop/Intenet Cafe? Do I rely on this technology too much? I think maybe... I'm about … Continue reading Cut off


Go Joey!

19-year old kid, always coming in close to last... Joey Logano was down one lap and came back to make just the right move at just the right time, hoping it would start to rain and cut the race short... and it worked. We watched the whole race! Hard work and perseverance and constant improvement … Continue reading Go Joey!


Okay, stop what you're doing. For anybody who reads this space who doesn't own the latest Charlie Hall CD, "The Bright Sadness". Stop. Right now. Go here and buy it. I just got a chance today at the Willow Creek Arts Conference to spend some time in a seminar with Charlie and then in the … Continue reading Stop.