Just so ya know, the hardest hit to get in baseball might be the triple, and that’s what Melky Cabrera got LAST to hit for the cycle yesterday. I was lucky that NASCAR got rained out so I ended up watching Cabrera, a 24-year old on a team of living legends, finish up his cycle (one single, one double, one triple, and one home run).

Go Melky, go! Can you even imagine what that felt like standing on third realizing you’ve attained something that most professional baseball players never even get to dream of!

That last hit was a solid double, but Melky wasn’t havin’ any of that, and sprinted around to third, just in time. Whatever it is you’re running for today, I suggest this… POUR IT ON! Run hard, run fast, and perhaps you’ll get to stand up at the end of it knowing you’ve really accomplished something… what a story THAT will be!