The Recession Made Us Better!

Some interesting stuff I’ve come upon lately. According to a recent Consumer Reports magazine poll, we’re saving more, spending less, and over half of us are paying our whole credit card bill each month. We are spending less than we earn for the first time in decades.

Then yesterday, from a really unlikely source, Parade magazine (read the article here), we find that even as about 4 our of 5 of us have felt the pinch, and nearly half have delayed or cancelled vacations (a good thing if it’s stuff we couldn’t afford anyway), more than half of us are getting closer to our spouses, way more than half are doing stuff ourselves, and I love this… 30% of us are volunteering more!

In the middle of the bad news, some great great stuff! Your thoughts?


One thought on “The Recession Made Us Better!

  1. CoryZipperle says:

    We are a money driven people. Interestingly enough, money accounts for 1/3 of the total economic picture. Money is actually in the minority when it comes to the actual science of economics. The other two are time and energy (effort). Money can and does mitigate the need to employ the other two resources. If you have enough money, you can invest less effort and time into something and still have that something. For example: if you have enough money, you can buy a big screen TV. Yet, if you don’t have enough money to buy it – you can still obtain it, but it means more time and more effort (you might have to invest in tim and effort to obtain the money for a big screen TV, but really – there are many routes that one can take to get one without having to actually buy the product. It is just that we don’t take the time to figure these things out because money is easy to get).

    When we focus on money too much, we neglect the other two pillars of economic success. When money finally disappears (Money will always disappear), we are then forced to look at the others: time and energy.

    Everybody’s goal is to live fulfilled and happy lives. The bum on the street can be as successful as the man in the mansion from their own perspective. If people are relying on cash to help them obtain what they think they need and want, then take that money away, you force the people to get creative and employ their other two resources: time and energy.

    This is why you see the trend that you are seeing. Money has gotten harder to find, so we are employing the other two methods to reach our goals.

    Interestingly enough, this answer fits well with your thoughts on convenience too.

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