I should mark November 8, 2009 on my calendar somehow. For some reason, even though it was an ordinary day and in fact was filled with hard work (clearing my lawn and gutters of leaves), for some reason, my sense of God’s blessing in my life was more intense than I think I may have ever experienced. In fact, it might have been the happiest day of my life. Despite the greater than normal need for Ibuprofen (I had a LOT of leaves to clear) and the fact that I didn’t really get to watch any football.


No real reason for it really, I do have a great life, a great job, a fantastic family, and I got some really great help on my lawn from somebody really special. And I was just, for no real reason I can point to, so acutely aware that God was blessing me and pouring it on… It was amazing.


I hope you have a day like this soon!