No better.

So… I hooked up my turntable again, after I hadn’t run it for a while, and listened to the latest David Crowder LP. Yes, “Church Music” was available to some of us “über-fans” who pre-ordered the CD and paid extra for the privilege.

And here’s the thing. CDs… don’t really sound any better than LPs (the scratches and pops are actually kinda quaint). We liked them because they were more convenient.

And now we buy mp3s for our iPods. They aren’t better than CDs either, just more convenient.

My 2005 automobile is not that much better than my 2000 one. But it has more conveniences.

How often we trade “up” to things that aren’t better, just more convenient.

If there’s something spiritual about this… I’m not seeing it… just thought I’d mention it.


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