Listening to Music again… a lot…

So… for some reason I’ve really been doing a lot more just plain old listening to music lately, loads of jazz, and basically a lot of more “esoteric” stuff as well. (This doesn’t count the listening I do at work, to the music I play there.)

I can only recommend finding something out of the ordinary and really stretching yourself. It’s very refreshing. Today I was listening to some Wynton Marsalis, an album called “All Rise”, which was, imho, the greatest album recorded in the 2000s. He manages to blend jazz, classical, and gospel all together in an amazing piece of music. The album actually required a jazz orchestra, a symphonic orchestra, and THREE choirs. I wonder, in this age of declining sales, especially classical and jazz, how long music like this will be performed very much. Not very long, I fear. Oh, and by the way, “All Rise” has a TREMENDOUS amount of very deliberate Christian spiritual content, too.

The other CD I listened to today is my favorite classical CD ever. I had the record years ago, and finally my brother bought me the CD. It’s an album by The Academy of Ancient Music and Christopher Hogwood (conducting) of Bach’s Violin Concertos and Double Violin Concerto. There are a handful of passages on this CD that almost make me weep every time I hera them., performed on instruments from the time of Bach and in the style that was used in that era. Simply astounding. This one is hard to get, but worth tracking down.


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