So… I see this old woman the other day. And by old, I mean she had to be in her 90s. I had to stop while she crossed the parking lot in front of me, very slowly (I was in no hurry).

She had great hair (looked like a wig, but a GREAT wig) but what really got me was the shoes and the jacket. They matched, and were this stunning shocking pink color.

I loved it. She probably took a great deal of confidence from that, and it probably really “filled her cup” for the day in a small way

Do something like that tomorrow. Do something little (big things are too stressful) to make you feel like you can walk a little quicker or more confidently. Maybe it’s a walk in the morning, maybe it’s wearing those nice shoes you only wear on special occasions, or using the nice china for dinner, or… I don’t know… you fill it in…