Pop-Culture Moanings…

…final LOST last night… I feel lost. A little like I did as I watched the credits roll on the final installment of The Lord of the Rings a few years ago.

Sure, being a Christian, I didn’t fully “appreciate” the “all religions lead to the same place” implications of the ending, but it’s a TV show, not a theology text, so I’ll give them a break. What I really loved was the fact that after answering all our questions, I feel like they gave us a whole new set.

The bad news is, it is giving me the urge to watch a bunch of foreign films (since “LOST” seemed so foreign to regular TV for 6 years). The good news… I have a BUNCH of foreign stuff that I haven’t watched or haven’t watched in years…

Alas, now there are no current TV shows on I want to watch… That can be a good thing…


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