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Are you fearless?

You know, there was no way I was getting on that roller-coaster with my son, but I have to say, it was a delight to see that face. Delight, not terror. Joy, not fear. I wonder if I can be fearless like that about life. Okay, I can't ride a roller-coaster, that's not ever happening … Continue reading Are you fearless?

Examine Yourself?

Are you doing the things you should? Are you believing the things you should? Are you sure they're true? When was the last time you checked? And if you are sure, who are you telling? Who did you tell today?

Get Out There

I know of a lot of musicians who've never played outside their bedroom or basement, but could. Some of these guys have dizzying arrays of guitars and gear. I'm talking about well into five figures sometimes, and occasionally six. They really enjoy their "hobby" but don't interact with other musicians at all. Me... I'd rather … Continue reading Get Out There