Get Out There

I know of a lot of musicians who’ve never played outside their bedroom or basement, but could. Some of these guys have dizzying arrays of guitars and gear. I’m talking about well into five figures sometimes, and occasionally six. They really enjoy their “hobby” but don’t interact with other musicians at all. Me… I’d rather be in a band than just about anything. I’d rather share music with people than just about anything.

Head on over to a photography forum and you will occasionally be hit with somebody who’s more of a camera collector than a photographer. They get a new camera or lens, take it into their basement studio, and shoot test charts like this all day long. No pretty pictures of flowers or kids or birds or sunsets. I’m no real photographer, I have to take a hundred pictures to get one I like (thank God for digital, where I can do that without spending money), but I do like to take pictures of real things.

I wonder if my Christian life is like this. There’s nothing wrong with Bible reading and study, in fact, I think you should engage in it every single day. Loads of prayer, too. But when all of our study and knowledge and prayer keeps us in the theoretical all the time, what good is it? And let’s be honest, how much fun is that really… in the long run>

So get out there.

Do something.

Take a picture.

Play a song.

Make some noise.

Live your faith.


5 thoughts on “Get Out There

  1. Julie Holm says:

    I’m reading Bonhoeffer this summer (directed study for school – how you get 2 credits for summer school without actually having to be on campus much.) He maintained that you cannot be a Christian in the abstract. That with the hearing must come the doing, that in fact they are one and the same. Of course his entire theology revolved around his understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. And he lived in very extreme conditions. But I think there is something there.

  2. Hugh Talman says:

    2nd Tuesday Mission Band just abducted another unsuspecting soul, keyboardist Robin Geiger,into the experience, she had a blast. Now tell me if you can, since we (by the Spirit) instigated this, how many years has it been???

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