All the Eagle Feathers in the World

I was at a pow wow yesterday…

I’m sure this man is probably just an ordinary guy like you or me during the week and when not in full ceremonial dress, but this particular weekend, regaled in what can only be described as “all the eagle feathers in the world”, he looked magnificent, he danced magnificent, and showed such pride in his heritage and such a noble bearing that he could have been a king for all I knew.

You can’t see his face, really, but he can see you. The children were amazed, and any grown-ups who could admit it were amazed. If you’re looking for a life lesson, I don’t have one today, I’m just amazed, and you should be, too. He’d only let me snap one quick picture. He was saying no to everybody else, but for all I knew, maybe he just knew I was going to splash his image out on the internet.


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