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17 thoughts on “Freedom?

  1. Jim Bloom says:

    Every Saturday night… I strap myself into my race car at Hummingbird Speedway… I say a short prayer and then… I just wait…


    We pull up onto the track… and I wave to my Family who sets up on the hill…. Then its on!! For those next 8 or 20 laps depending on if its a heat or a feature…. Nothing else matters.. Not work or bills or Family issues.. Just getting that car around the track…. Thats my freedom from everything else that is going on in this world.

  2. Steve Weber says:

    Unencumbered… like the obstacles that would hold you back have been removed.


    Freedom is that feeling you have right after you have finished a final exam… assuming you think you did okay, it’s just a relief to be finished.

  3. adziolko says:

    I could argue from a philosophical standpoint and say that it’s all relative. “Freedom from” or “real freedom.” We are trapped on this earth which could be seen as not free. BUT I really think that freedom is the ability own your destiny; within the limits of reason of course. People have the ability to choose their paths and act upon them. But this is where reason comes in. There needs to be a balance of order. Once your freedom tightens the path of another and starts constricting their freedoms, there has to be consequences. One thing that can’t be taken away from you are your thoughts. Unless the movie Inception becomes a reality.

  4. WAM says:

    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.
    (Thank you Janis Joplin) was my immediate answer.

    After thinking about it, it is 100% accurate. When I give my troubles, concerns, problems to God then I can’t lose anything and that sure feels like Freedom.

  5. Brad Clinton says:

    Freedom is like your finger print, everyone’s view or print of freedom is different.Freedom comes in all sizes and shapes, always looming just at the edge of our thoughts and in the shadows of our tomorrows. Freedom is timeless, always changing to fit our views and opinions. Find Grace! and right beside Grace you will find Freedom. At that point it will take you striaght forward to the founder of freedom, Jesus Christ.

  6. Diane London says:

    Wow…this made me think, for quite sometime, I might add! First, there is the big FREEDOM, when Christ “gave His life” for our sins and then rose again! Then there is the Freedom to go to Arlington Cemetary and walk the grounds of thousands of soldiers that “gave their lives” for our Freedom… and that “Freedom” can be different for EVERYONE! The freedom to read a Bible in church or even just in your own home, the freedom to pray – sing- or even just talk! The freedom to drive anywhere YOU WANT with whatever music station you want (and the freedom of having a GPS to help you go ANYWHERE at anytime!) *I had to add that…I get lost easy! LOL! The Freedom to go to the grocery store and buy our families (again, the size of family is your choice!)whatever food we want! Or how about that feeling you get when you drive a new car off the carlot? Hmm?? Ya… I’m sure every man knows what I’m talking about there! For me, I love to sit and cross stitch little tiny x’s that form a beautiful picture, otherwise which never would have been seen. We all have freedoms throughout our life, every day.. so I guess Freedoms are choices we make because we have the freedom to do so… wow… now I’m really getting confused! I guess when it is all said and done… Thank you Jesus, for giving Your life, so I may live in the Freedom of Heaven with you…

  7. Linda Warnick says:

    is being free from restraints – being allowed to just be, not being controlled by anyone or anything……

  8. Carol Simons says:

    *** the freedom tire hits the real pavement of life when you are standing in crowded bleachers with hundreds of other parents watching thru tear stained eyes as your young beautiful adult child stands straight and proud in a stiff uniform and takes an oath to serve their county with their very lives…’s the child you love and have raised…..not just “some random solider” and you realize this is how it has always been for America….young beautiful sons & daughters sacrificing… to provide the greatest privilege FREEDOM; the right to make & have choices.
    God Bless America! HOME of the FREE because of the BRAVE.

  9. Geraldiine says:

    Fredom to me is not having to worry about being hit if or when i did or do something wrong or wonder when i walk in the door if he will be waiting there to hurt me because i was 2min late arriving home I THANK GOD FROM MY FREEDOM FROM HIM EVERY DAY AND I PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL IN A RELATIONSHIPS OR HOMES OF ABUSE……

  10. Diane Murray says:

    Freedom to me is the ability to do, act, think as I would choose without the fear of repercussions in th. is world or the next. It would mean that I would not have to worry about money and have the ability to do fun things with my children and grandchildren without worrying about bills. I guess to sum it up, really it goes back to Adam and Eve if you think about it but freedom really is the right to chose due to free will.

  11. Gary Bowser says:

    I think Diane Murray got it the closest. Freedom is a condition giving you the ability to act without external influence. Then there is this consideration. Using the word Safe, is any one or anything 100% safe? Safe is relative. Is Freedom relative too? How “free” can person be? Is that a squirrel over there?

  12. Joel says:

    Freedom to me is choice; having the ability to choose. It’s not a feeling to me, but rather an existance. It is a state of being that affords those that have it to think, behave, live, love and worship without fear. It’s a gift that needs to be enjoyed, used and shared.

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