Just a couple thoughts out of many from the excellent Bill Hybels talk this morning. (He is such a gift to the church. Thanks God!)

Leaders move people from HERE to THERE. Turn up the heat on the vision. Don’t start by describing how wonderful THERE is. Describe how awful it would be to stay HERE. Build the case why we can not stay HERE. Then move on to… if we move to THERE… just imagine…

It takes Fantastic People! Add “culture” to the 3 Cs of Character, Competence and Chemistry

Celebrate! Mark progress (“mile-markers”) People forget where they came from and where they are going in the middle of the journey. Remind them. Re-fill their vision bucket, cheer them on. Experts say there is a 40% differential (in effectiveness) between an inspired member and an uninspired one.

Listen for God’s whisper… A leader be an incurable reader of the Bible. It helps EVERYTHING as a person and as a leader. And God still speaks today. Listen in prayer!