Are you interesting?

If so, why? If not, why not?

And here’s another question… who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever known. Why? Help me out below…


7 thoughts on “Are you interesting?

  1. OFF we go now says:

    Most people find me interesting because I say things that they already know in ways they have not heard. Nothing new here, just simple and straight forward.

  2. Tony Ziolko says:

    I would have to say that the most interesting person I have ever met was a gentleman I met on my floor in my dorm hall when I attended AU. He was a year younger than me but acted like a grandpa. In fact his nickname was grandpa. He had a higher pitched voice and was always up to no good. He said that his life goal was to find out a way to not pay taxes. He drove a really old beat up truck with the cab and instead of a cd player, he used a CB Radio to listen to truckers conversions. During the summer breaks, his job was driving around the state of Michigan collecting bottles and cans and seeing how much money he could make. He would raid dumpsters and restored and used an old typewriter. In fact, one time, he found a bottle of Champagne in the dumpster and drank it. in his desk, which he replaced the school one with an old fashioned steel one, you would find a variety of trinkets. We found glowsticks, a stamp pad with a stamp that said Aprroved. He had an old parachute which he was trying to fix. Overall, this gentleman has been the most interesting person I have ever met.

  3. Jim Bloom says:

    Well, I don’t really consider myself interesting…. Unless you wanna talk about my kids or dirt track racing.. LOL

    My Dad has to be one of the most interesting men I know…. All the stories of when he was a kid… He’s a jack of all trades, BUT a furnace expert.. LOL… But what I love is watching him play guitar.. he’s a finger picker.. So he makes some rolls an progressions that blow me away… He can play almost anything with strings… By ear I might add.. can barely read music… I love listening… I try to play along…. BUT I always find myself just watching and listening…

  4. Hugh Talman says:

    First, mea culpa on that “Most interesting Man in the World” rabbit hole. As for myself, well I think I try to be interesting, maybe try too much. As to the most interesting person/persons, two people come to mind. The first, Peter Krause a Photo Scientist helped me prepare a technical paper to be presented before a meeting of scientists in Kanasas City. I was way out of my league on this, but it was one of my first assignments at Smithsonian (they threw me in the deep end!!!). He is a brilliant person yet in a very kind and friendly way helped me through the research and writing. The second was the photographer Arnold Newman, a great hero of mine. I had the occasion to photgraph him at an opening and sent him some of the photos, in return he sent me a very nice note and invited me to visit him if I was in New York. I took the opportunity to call on him and spent a very nice afternoon with him. Both of these men were giants in my eyes yet upon meeting them they were friendly and encouraging. Beyond their accomplishments they treated me as a friend.

  5. Geraldine says:

    am i interesting no i dont think so but i have to say the job and the people that i do is intresting every day here at my job you never know how your day is going to end or begin i work with Mental handcaped adults and even with there every day challeges they face they still seem to over come them and smile and look up to God and thank him thats what the most interesting thing about them because some normal people can’t get over there small challeges and thank God for them .

  6. eb says:

    One of the most interesting people I have ever known was an artist named Mimi. She was the grandmother of three of my childhood friends. She had dark hair and eyes, smoked skinny brown cigarettes, and wore hats often. She was beautiful in a dramatic and exotic way, rather than a barbie-doll pretty sort of way. She was an accomplished artist who had painted a portrait of some public dignitary that was put on display in some official capacity. The story goes that that portrait paid for her to have an in-ground swimming pool, which made her tops in my book. I loved getting lost in her studio, the first I’d ever seen, and gazing at the many, many paintings that hung floor to ceiling on every wall. Playing with her grandchildren during the summer, and exploring her eclectic colonial home and grounds while engaged in various imaginary forms of play is one of the highlights of my youth. My Mom likes to tell the story of how we ran into Mimi at the grocery store one day when I was quite young. “Look Mom!” I squealed with joyful recognition, “There’s Mimi the witch!” I smiled, waved and pointed at her. My Mom says she was embarrassed at first but Mimi just smiled and laughed her throaty laugh and tilted her hat, and seemed to enjoy it!

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