BOMBARDED by great new music this week

Not all new this week, but… check out what has been spinning in my CD player this week.

First off, yesterday a new CD from Charlie Hall. Love his stuff… check it out here!He wrote “Marvelous Light” and “All We Need” and a few other great worship songs. His latest album, at first couple of listens… is just as good as his last one, “The Bright Sadness”, which I have listened to perhaps more than any other CD last year.

If you like your punk rock done well, but still yearn for the sounds of bagpipes and mandolins, check out an amazing and unique release from Flatfoot 56, called “Black Thorn”. I have no idea why I like this so much, but it’s marvelous… Check ’em out here. and finally…

I have no idea how they came up with all the sounds and stylistic changes and melodies on this CD. It is pure magic. The best CD I’ve heard since last years’ Company of Thieves CD (which is the best CD I’ve heard in years and years). This one is worth checking out if you like your music loud but filled with surprises and twists. I had no idea they could make Christian music this great. They’re here.


One thought on “BOMBARDED by great new music this week

  1. john says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for new and exiting music (something that is severely lacking, especially in Christian circles where they are all trying to sound like some popular secular band or artist). But still these choices leave a lot to be desired. HOH has a good sound but the typical weak vocalist that sounds like every other Christian vocalist that claims to be original.
    Flatfoot 56 is simply not my type of music. All this type of punk sounds the same no matter what extra instruments you use. The sound would have potential otherwise.
    Yes, I am a disgruntled music fan.
    I sincerely appreciate any attempt to share and promote original music. I guess I am a harsher critic than most.

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