I believe it all…

Okay, starting today, I’m going to believe every single thing I ever read again on the interwebz…

I believe that Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal. I believe that Mikey from the Life commercial died eating pop rocks and drinking Coke. I believe that if I update my status on FaceBook with my favorite cause that particular day, somehow it’ll make a tangible difference. I believe that there are humongous alligators in the New York sewer system. I believe that people have their kidneys stolen and then left in a bathtub. I believe that FaceBook is shutting down in March forever.

In all seriousness… people say the same thing about those of us who follow Jesus. And sometimes it seems like Jesus is as pie-in-the-sky as the thousands of dollars AOL and Bill Gates are going to send me for forwarding emails…

I have great news. There is a story worth believing. There is someone worth trusting. There is somebody worth following. There is somebody who never tells us something that’s not true and worth following and believing and trusting in…

So, whatever HE says, I believe it all…


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