Get attached

I realized something today. As I was dropping my son off at school, I never want him to get out of the car and actually go into the building. The fact is, at that moment when I know I’m not going to see him until I’m done with work and he’s done with school, I fantasize that all the power within 100 miles will suddenly be out and he and I can just drive off and go somewhere and hang out together. I feel like I just accidentally get more attached.

I used to get attached to places when I was a bit younger. I used to work for a company that did events, and I’d spend only a day or two, or sometimes 3 or 4, in a strange town. I’d get attached to the room I slept in, the place we set our control table for AV gear, to the town I’m in, to the restaurant in the hotel lobby… you name it. I’d accidentally get attached to those places.

I don’t attach to places quite as much anymore, but since I became a Dad, the attachment I have to my wife has deepened significantly, and the new attachment to my son is the kind of thing that, in my mid-forties, I never thought I’d experience.

So… every time snow is coming, I find myself praying for not just a two-hour delay (which is nice, though), but a whole day off… and then maybe I’ll just get in the car and drive with Charles around, and talk, and visit, and go home and play with lego, and play “Uno” and “Trouble” and “Guess Who”. A moment to get attached to by accident

When I know that we’re both going to be home… it’s not the same… it’s the unexpected moments…

I wonder if I could find some of those unexpected moments more often if I looked harder… and get attached… on purpose instead of by accident


2 thoughts on “Get attached

  1. Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt says:

    Amen, I’m with you, brother! I’d like to drop everything and just attach myself to my kids every day if I could!

  2. Cory Zipperle says:

    A friend of mine started listening to the voice of God, really seeking it out. Within a year, she was finding special revelation from God everywhere.

    The kicker is, she wasn’t. She was just so conditioned to look for special revelation from God that she just started assuming that because she wanted that Whopper from BK, that God was telling her to get that Whopper from BK.

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